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Lighting firm specialized in large-scale construction projects.

JC Éclairage is a professional lighting firm specializing in residential construction, hotels and retirement homes.

Our team understands that creating lighting that enriches any project requires multidisciplinary convergence of design, creativity and technical aspects to enhance any building.

We have the knowledge to work in concert with your professional designers, architects and engineers to assist them right from the conceptual development phase.

Our services include product research, finding the appropriate manufacturer to bring ideas to life from a sketch as well as providing all technical evaluations by photometry.

We also recognize the importance of a close collaboration with your electricians, from pre-project, to its complete realization, in order to ensure a product integration consistent with all codes and standards, while prioritizing your delivery schedule.

All of this is framed by your procedural guidelines and always within your budget allowance.

In short, we pride ourselves on being an added value that will result in a key element to help you create an ideal atmosphere in a trendy environment, making it an attractive place to live for your customers.

A personalized turn-key service
from specifications
to delivery.
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